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English Task – Day One (23.3.20)


Hello Years 5 and 6,

We hope you are all well and ready for your first spot of ‘home learning’.

We want you think about the following:

How am I Feeling?


1. Write down as many words as you can to describe how you are feeling about the current situation. For example:

Scared, angry, worried, curious, confused, excited, interested, hurt, useless, disbelieving, hopeful, frustrated…


2. Develop your words further:

Worried for others.

Worried for me.

Angry, but not at anyone in particular.

Hopeful when I see the sun shining and plants growing.


3. Develop your ideas by either writing a:


Diary entry.

Letter to a friend or someone you share your thoughts with.

Write a description to fully explain your feelings.


There is no right or wrong way to present your ideas. Writing can help us to explore our thoughts.


Throughout the week please remember to find time to read daily whether it be online or using a book. Good luck and watch out for tomorrow's task.