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Week Seven – Day One – Monday 18th May,


Well hello Year 6!

Before I go any further, I wanted to mention those in Year 6 who have had a birthday during the school closures and wish them a very 'Happy birthday'! 

Beth - 28th March

Calvin - April 4th

James - April 24th

Michael - May 1st

Lydia B - 3rd May

Berry - 7th May

Sam - this Thurs 21st May.

Josh B - 26th May

We hope that you all had a lovely day and I'm sure it is one that you will remember for many years! 



Right back to today’s learning:


  1. You need to complete last week’s spelling test before beginning the new spelling sheets which you will find below.
  2. What are you currently reading? If you are stuck, the short stores that I provided last week can be found simply by using an internet search of ‘Short stories for ages 10-11’.
  3. The final task is using Education City. After you completed the online Grammar and Spelling assessments in March, a Revision Folder was created within your profile.  I would like you to access this folder and complete as many of the activities as possible. I will be able to see how many you have accessed so no cheating! I suggest you spend 30 minutes on Education City. Any remaining activities can always be completed at a later date.


That’s it for now. Bye!

Mrs Beddard