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Mr Jones


Hi everyone,


I know last year was a bit of a funny one and that we didn't have the chance to meet as we normally would do, but that just means that we still have an exciting meeting ahead!  I hope that you are as excited about moving to 5J as I am about you arriving.


Now, as for me, what can you expect? Well, I like to have fun in the class - I believe we learn better when we are enjoying it. I like to share my experiences with you and for you to feel like part of the 5J family. I will amaze you with my hilarious jokes (that was a joke) and I really try to make your day a fun one, but that all revolves around your learning. Sometimes it might feel like it's quite challenging but that's ok, you're at school to overcome challenges. Children often worry about what the work is like in their next year but please don't, you will be absolutely fine with Year 5 work because we are all there to help you master it.


I have a little motto where I say 'Adapt and Overcome'. This helps us to remember that sometimes, we need to consider other options for the situation in which we find ourselves to be a success - something that I will enjoy seeing you be! Occasionally, that means the work that we are doing but it also can be used for other challenges too, it's a good motto to remember. 


The current Year 5 children will let you know that I don't like the words 'stuff' and 'things' - there is always a better option! On occasion I have been known to be a little forgetful and make mistakes - that's ok too, because we all make mistakes and as long as we learn from them, it will all be fine.


Away from school I have a few hobbies. I am a Liverpool fan (I might mention that now and again), I enjoy fishing, F1 motorsport, spending time with my family and taking my dog (Millie) for a walk, she's really funny. I enjoy little thrills and have another sky-dive planned for next year! 


I hope you enjoy the summer holidays and that you arrive in my class ready to meet all the new experiences that await you with a big smile on your faces.


See you soon,

Mr Jones.