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Mr Martin


Hi Year 5, soon to be Year 6!


Normally sometime this week we would be having a morning when you spend some time in your new classrooms, and meeting up with your new teachers for September. Obviously, we can't do that this year, so we thought it would be good to put some information about Year 6 on the website for you.


I hope you are looking forward to being the oldest children in the school, and being in Year 6. It's really a rather exciting year group to be in; there are lots of things that only happen for Year 6, including of course sitting on the benches rather than on the floor during assemblies! Mind you, you'll have to wait a while for that to happen, because we're not allowed to have assemblies in the hall yet I'm afraid. Your assemblies will be in the Year 6 classrooms at least to start with in September.


So, what's different about being in Year 6? I suppose the main things are that we do expect Year 6 to be part of the leadership team in the school, so everyone gets some responsibilities to help the school run smoothly, including some School Captains, and a Head Boy and a Head Girl. Everyone has a part to play. Also, there are the SATs tests in May - there is a bit of a question mark at the moment as to whether these will go ahead as usual, but it looks as if they are going to. Please try not to worry about the tests; your teachers have lots of experience in getting you ready for them. In fact, most Year 6 children look forward to them, because they can use them to show everyone, their teachers, families, and secondary school staff, just what they can do by the end of primary school. The current Year 6 children were rather disappointed when they found out that they weren't doing the tests this year, because they had worked so hard towards them.

Which rather neatly brings me to a couple of pieces of advice I have for you to help you to have a successful Year 6. It's very simple advice, and easy to remember.


Here it is:

1) Be polite. That's to everyone, not just to adults. Be polite to each other, and to the adults in school.

2) Work hard. That's particularly important in your last year at primary school, so that you're ready for all the new learning that will be on offer at secondary school.


That's all I think - thanks for reading this, and have a good summer holiday. I'm looking forward to welcoming you into Year 6 in September. Bye for now!

Mr Martin