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School learning w/b 6th July


In Maths this week, we will be learning about telling the time.  We will use time language to describe when events take place, e.g. in the morning, in the evening.  We will learn about the days of the week and months of the year.  We will learn to tell the time to the hour (o'clock). There are some activities about this topic on MyMaths, Education city and in the maths work book.

Mrs Birch



This week, in literacy, we will be recapping on the prefix 'un'.  In spelling we are making sure we know all of the Year 1 common exception words reading and spelling them. Friday we will be writing instructions - how to make a paper aeroplane using bossy words (imperative verbs- such as put, cut, place, fold) and looking at a traditional story and we will change characters and setting.


Remember you can still access Oxford Owl to read the Read Write Inc books.


Mrs Hitchon


Please feel free to use the websites Education city and MyMaths to support children' s learning at home.  Although staff will not set any work on these websites, you are still able to access all the activities on there. 

Thank you for your support.