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Day 63-Leach’s Log



Morning everyone, this little message made me think today about just how important community is and how these groups of people have helped to keep things going during this tough time.smiley I hope that you and your family remain safe and well.


Today’s Literacy task is based on the resources below called 'Lockdown Inspirations' so don't forget to open it first.


Task 1:Watch a newspaper article
• Read First News – Frank Mills. Which three facts do you think are most important in this story?
• Read Frank Mills – Questions. Think about your answers and then write them carefully as sentences.


Task 2: Summarise other news stories
• Read Inspired in Lockdown 1.
• Complete Summary Table. The first row has been done for you.
• Challenge yourself to read & summarise Inspired in Lockdown 2.
• Which of these stories do you find most inspirational? Why?


Task 3: Now for some writing
• Look at Example Inspirations and then read Lockdown Inspiration Ideas.
• Write notes about your answers to the questions. Leave out questions that you cannot answer.
• Use your ideas to write a paragraph about Lockdown Inspiration – it could be about someone who has inspired you, something you have done or something that you would like to do.


Marking for Wednesday's work 'Mystery of the Missing Teacher' -  Answers for this are attached to the bottom of the page.



New Weekly Tasksenlightened


1. Daily reading: Please make sure you are reading aloud every day. 


2: Spellings: Complete your final Look, Cover, Write and Check activity before your spelling test tomorrow!


Here are today's clues.














Purple Prickles


Good luck with today’s learning.yes





Lockdown Inspirations

Mystery of the Missing Teacher- Answers