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Morning kids. 

Today's quote: Listen to everyone and learn from everyone, because nobody knows everything but everyone knows something.

Thursday's tasks:


Reading - Read for 10 minutes to an adult and record what you read in your link book please.


Handwriting - Complete the next page in your handwriting booklet, 's' and 'f'. Copy the example exactly and take your time to get your handwriting perfect.


Skill - Let's carry on with inverted commas, this time when the speech isn't always at the start of the sentence. Read the instruction boxes carefully with your helper. Complete pages 60 to 63 in your SPAG booklet and then get your adult to mark it(pages 62 and 63 contain new learning, so read the instructions carefully!). If you have the Foundation Book your pages to complete are pages 56 to 58. (Helpers, there's some great information about direct and reported speech on )

Challenge: BBC Bitesize KS2 English has a video and a quiz 'How to use inverted commas'.


Today's joke:

What did one toilet say to the other?

You look a bit flushed!wink


Work hard and have fun!     Mrs Lloyd