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Hi all, it's Thursday already!


I hope you are showing your home helpers how brilliant you are!


Here is another joke to make you laugh:

How do you get a tissue to dance?  You put a little boogie into it!


Thursday 2.4.20

We hope you enjoyed the Science activity yesterday.  Today's activity is maths based.  We would like you to play the yes/no game.  This is a fun way to practice 2d shapes and numbers.

What you need:



*colouring crayons

How to play:

You need to make 5 shape cards and 10 number cards.

Both players select a card without the other player seeing.  They put the card on their head. (They can only look at their own card).  Remember it could be a number or shape.

The first player asks a question which can only be answered with yes or no..

eg Am I one more than 3?

     Do I have 4 sides?

     Is it a number?

     Is it a shape? 

Keep asking questions until they get the answer correct. Then it's time for the next player to guess.


Have lots of fun!



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Remember to keep trying some of these additional daily activities:

* Do some counting, see how high you can count!

* Draw a picture and use your best colouring to colour it in!