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Thursday 4th June 2020


Thought of the day.

"Always dream your biggest dream!"


Hey guys! 

I am so proud of you this week and how you have worked hard on division.

I hope you are all proud of your achievements!


(A joke to start: Where does the T-rex go shopping? To the dino store!) 



During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


Task 1

Today, you are going to complete a a cross number. 

Print off the Cross Number on the link below.

You have to complete the multiplications and division questions and add the numbers to the cross number.

Make sure that you do the workings out in your blue book. 

If you cannot print it off, just answer the questions in your book.

The answers are attached to the Cross Number but do not mark your work until you have finished.


Task 2

Daily 10 mental maths

Level 4  - up to 9,999

Digit values

You will need a pencil and your maths book

If you find level 4 too easy, try level 5 - up to 99,999

If you find level 4 too hard, try level 4 - up to 999