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Thursday 26th March

Happy Thursday everyone! 

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Have you seen any rainbows in windows in Pelsall this week?

I cannot wait to hear about what you have been doing.

 (A joke to start: What did the science book say to the maths book? Wow! You've got problems!) 


During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


Well done to all the children that completed their TTRS homework! It is great to see you all improving. You all should be  very proud of yourself.

The children who were most accurate were:

A Group.....Annabelle, Myles, Dan, Josh, Logan and Holly

B Group.....Jacob P, Tallulah, Milan and Harry H

See if you can make the list next week. 


Lets mix it up a little today. Instead of TTRS, please play for 15 minutes on Top Marks 'Hit the Button'.

Play Times tables up to 12. Play 'Hit the answer' and 'Hit the question' 



Today's work is fractions of amounts. We have done this in class. Remember to divide by the denominator and times by the numerator. Here is an example:

3/4 of 12 =9

12 divided by 4 = 3  (Children can use the sign not words)

3 x 3 = 9

To warm yourself up play Top Marks Daily 10. You will need a pencil and some paper.

Start on Level 2 Fractions.

Keep playing until you find a level that suits you. 

DON'T play decimal equivalents yet!


Complete pages 32 and 33 in your Target Book.



Throughout this week could you also practice telling the time


In Year 4, the children have to learn to tell the time using the 24 hour clock. Practice telling the time little and often this week using a analogue, digital and 24 hour clock.  Before you know it you will be fantastic at doing this!

Using a real clock and real time helps the children understand more as they are able to link times to real life. However, there are lots of free interactive clocks you can use on the internet if you need to.



Shape of the week.

We have been learning about triangles and quadrilaterals in Year 4.

Play this games with a partner.

Draw a triangle or a quadrilateral. Your partner has to ask you questions. For example:

Does it have 2 sets of parallel lines?

Does it have perpendicular corners?

Are opposite sides the same length?

Is it symmetrical?

Does it have one line of symmetry?

Here is the language I would like you to use:

symmetry, symmetrical, opposite, right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, parallel, perpendicular

Swap roles and play again.  


Thought of the day.

Today is a great day to learn something new.


Maths games

Here are some online Maths games you might like to try. (Optional)