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Thursday 2nd July 2020


Good morning Year 5, I hope you managed with yesterday's challenge ok.

What is black and white, black and white, black and white and ends in an ouch?

A penguin rolling down a hill! laugh yes


I was really pleased to see how many people completed the reflections task successfully; you appear to have this sorted! 

Are you ready? Drum roll...

I have a problem...

I need you to settle an arguement. Mrs Jones and I were discussing lines of symmetry and reflection the other day and we can't agree on an answer to this puzzle.

How many lines of symmetry are there if I colour any number of squares on the grid? 

Let's see what I mean; below is a grid:


How many lines of symmetry are there? 

If I colour a square on the grid, how many lines of symmetry are there now? 

As you can see, it depends where I put the coloured square! What if I colour 2 squares?


How about if I move the coloured squares around and try them in all different positions? What would happen if I coloured 3 squares, 4 squares and then 5 etc.?


Using the grid and colouring ANY NUMBER of squares, Mrs Jones says that there is only 32 possible lines of symmetry (She said some of mine were duplicated) depending where you colour a square. I say there is 64 (that's all I could find). Who's correct? Are we both wrong?


Task 1: Copy the grid into your book or on a piece of paper (You will need quite a few grids or you could just use one and use counters for the colour - I have attached a sheet at the bottom of the page with lots of grids on).

I found it useful to draw a table like the one below and record my results using a tally in the table so , if 1 square was shaded and had 1 line of symmetry, I would make a mark in that box, but if 1 square was shaded and there were 3 lines of symmetry, I would mark that box too. We all know how it is important to work systematically in maths.


    Lines Of Symmetry
    0 1 2 3 4






I hope you enjoy the challenge and I look forward to your findings. Have I found too many because I've duplicated them (counted them more than once) or am I correct? 


Your second task is to continue with the work on TT Rockstars. You only have today and tomorrow so don't hang about!


Have a lovely day, Mr J.