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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning mathematicians!

Hopefully you are all staying safe but also getting an opportunity to spend some time outside.

If the weather is nice for you today, why not do your maths outdoors?

As I'm sure you can't wait for my jokes every day, I thought I would tell you two today! You lucky people!




Why is it sad that parallel lines have so much in common?

Because they’ll never meet.


O.K. Now for the best bit. Today you should look at page 29 where you need to order the fractions.

Hands up who can remember what we have to do before we can put them in order......

Oh wait, I can't see you wink

I guess I'll have to remind you:-

Before you can order fractions, you need to ensure that the denominators are the same! To do this you need to change one or sometimes all of the denominators on the fractions.  (Remembering yesterday's rule!) 

Also, sometimes you may be required to choose a different denominator completely, remembering that the denominator you choose needs to be in all the current denominators times tables.

E.g.  If I was finding a common denominator for these fractions, 6/15, 12/20 and 3/5, I would need to be able to multiply the denominators to find a common one. I know that 60 is in the 15, 20 and 5 times tables so I would change them all to 60ths. Then I could put them in order!


When you have completed page 29, go to this webpage

( )  and play the telling the time game for as long as you need to be confident. The more practice the better, as soon I will be setting you some time problems to complete!




Have fun guys! 

P.S I know lots of you are doing your PE with Joe but remember, Cosmic Yoga is a great way to relax in between your learning. You could even make the most of the fantastic weather and do your yoga outside!


Have a thoroughly tip-top Thursday.