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Hi Y6. Here is a little experiment. I've made a short video to explain the answers to some of the questions you did today. If it works well I will try to produce more videos for you, not just for answers but also to teach you about new ideas. This video has the answers for the first 8 questions from today's  work. If this works, I'll  do another one with the rest of the answers.

data questions 1-7v2.mp4

Still image for this video

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year 6!


Today we will start a new unit of work on data handling, or, as it's sometimes called, statistics. Below you will find a file with lots of questions about graphs and charts. You can either download the file and print it out, or just use the file on screen and write your answers on paper or in your maths book. If you do decide to print it all out, make sure that you know it's a large file, which has 59 pages altogether! If we had still been at school, I would have made this into two booklets for you. 


Because it's a large amount of questions, don't try to do them all today. Just see how you get on with questions 1-20 to start with. These are the easier questions in the booklet. When we have a go at some of the harder ones tomorrow, I'll try to post some hints to help you. Good luck! Mr M.