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jeudi, le 21 mai

LO:To learn French vocabulary linked to school


Bonjour la classe ! smiley


In store today ... learn some new vocabulary about school subjects, play some games, test yourself and watch a clip about school in France


Today we’re going to use a new website. Here’s the link:

Getting started

Click on “start”

Look at “categories”. Choose “school”.

Choose “school subjects”.


Four quick lessons

Click on “full tutorial”

Listen to each word, look at the spelling and repeat it out loud. There are 10 words all together.

(There are 4 different lessons to do: Introduction, yes or no, either/or and what is it?)


Four games

When you have finished there are a choice of 9 games – choose and play 4 games (more if you like).


Test yourself!

Now test yourself. Have a go at the multiple choice test. If you like, you can try the writing test too, but you don’t have to.


And to finish...

And just in case you are missing it ...

1 à 100, Juli Powers

An awesome song to teach numbers. See 1-100,000 here:

Au Revoir les enfants! À bientôt !