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Thursday 21.5.20

Hello Reception!


Joke of the day!

Why wouldn't the shrimp share his treasure?   Because he was a little shellfish!  😊


Let’s Get Moving!

Sticky Kids- Let's Go Walking.

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RML Time- lets have a go, going through all our super sounds....  

   Rml set 1 speed sounds practice

   Rml set 2&3 speed sounds practise


Awe and Wonder Science Day!


Today is another Science day and we would like you to have a go at a fun experiment using different colours of food colouring, milk and washing up liquid to make all the colours of the rainbow. The experiment is to see what happens when the food colouring is put in the milk.  


1. Carefully pour a cup of milk into a bowl.

2. Taking care not to mix the colours, drop three drops of one colour of food colouring at one side. About a third of the way round, add three drops of another colour and another third of the way around, add three drops of another colour.

3. Next, squeeze a drop of washing up liquid into the centre of the bowl.

Please see the experiment below:-

Can you make a prediction (a sensible guess) what will happen when all the ingredients are in the bowl. What will happen when the colours are mixed? What will happens when the food colouring is put in the milk? Does it float or sink? What happens when the washing up liquid is added?   After you have completed the experiment see if your prediction was correct or not!

Please could you write your predictions in your homework book or a piece of paper.


If you haven't got any food colouring- at home why not try this science experiment. Can you find natural resources in your garden or on your daily walk. Which items do you think will float or sink?



Have lots of fun and don't forget to send us some pictures to add to the website!!


Optional Art


Your mission is to make a nature shape using any natural materials you can find  in the garden, or when you are on a daily walk. Take a photo of your name and share it with us. We can then display them on the online gallery.


Get creative and have fun! See ideas below.



Please see the link below to listen to the story 'Peace at Last'



Stay safe and keep up the good work. We miss you all lots. heart