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Hi all, it's Thursday already!


I hope you are showing your home helpers how brilliant you are!


Here is another joke to make you laugh:

How do you get a tissue to dance?  You put a little boogie into it!


Thursday 2.4.20

We hope you enjoyed the Science activity yesterday.  Today's activity is maths based.  We would like you to play the yes/no game.  This is a fun way to practice 2d shapes and numbers.

What you need:



*colouring crayons

How to play:

You need to make 5 shape cards and 10 number cards.

Both players select a card without the other player seeing.  They put the card on their head. (They can only look at their own card).  Remember it could be a number or shape.

The first player asks a question which can only be answered with yes or no..

eg Am I one more than 3?

     Do I have 4 sides?

     Is it a number?

     Is it a shape? 

Keep asking questions until they get the answer correct. Then it's time for the next player to guess.




Please complete pages 10 and 11 of you phonics books that was sent home.  Remember to go through it with your home helper.


Optional:  Can you read another 5 of the red words that were sent home.


Have lots of fun!


Remember to keep trying some of these additional daily activities:

* Draw and colour some of the characters from the story.

* Count in 10s to 100, what is 1 more or less than different numbers.

* Continue to keep telling the time, especially o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock.