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Religious Education

Thursday 4th June 2020

LO: To understand that some places are of particular significance in the religious life of some people.


In RE this half term you will be looking at ‘Pilgrimage’.

This week we will focus on what a pilgrimage is and why people decide to go on them.


TASK ONE: Download ‘Journeys Activity (Sheet 1)’ below and look at sheet 1 (1 star in the corner). Think about journeys you have taken in your life and list them in the table. Were they ordinary journeys or special journeys? Use the bullet points to list the differences between these ordinary and special journeys.


TASK TWO: Now choose one of the journeys you wrote on the ‘special journey’ side of the table. Download the ‘Special Journeys Activity (Sheet 2)’ and write about this journey in more detail.


(You can either print these sheets or write the subheadings in your red book.)


TASK THREE: Discuss the following with a helper:

Imagine you can visit one place on Earth. It can be anywhere but wherever you choose it must make you a better human being by going there.

Which do you think would make you a better person? Going to the North Pole, the Rainforest, a tiny island in the ocean, Alton Towers or Disneyland? Why do you think this and how would going there make you a better person?


A pilgrimage is a special journey to a holy place. It is made for religious or spiritual reasons and people believe the journey may help them to develop into a better person.