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Thursday 4th June, 2020



Good afternoon Year 2. This afternoon in our R.E. lesson we are going to be listening to a story about one of Jesus' disciples. 


Your task today is to watch the clip below and think carefully about two things:

1) What do you think the message of this story is? 

2) Is the message important and why? 

Jesus Calls Matthew

This story is based on Matthew 9:9-13, Mark 2:13-17, and Luke 5:27-32.

The story that you have just watched explains to us how Jesus was kind to those who were left out by others. He befriended Matthew even though other people disliked him because he was a tax collector. So the message of the story is try to be kind to one another, even though you might not have the same interests as them. Being kind to each other is important because it makes everyone feel better about themselves.