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Thursday 22nd October

Good morning Year 6,


First of all, well done if you have sent us your Science tests from yesterday.  If you haven’t then please complete it and send it today.



I have uploaded the next presentation in our online safety topic for you to read through and a work sheet for you to complete. We would have had adverts in school for you to look at so to be able to complete the activity sheet, please look in magazines or newspapers for any adverts also look out for any adverts on TV to help you. Please bring your activity sheet into school when we return after the half term holiday.

Computing Presentation and Activity Sheet



Well, Thursday is P.E. day and we know how much you have enjoyed dancing in the classroom so if you have the ‘Just Dance’ game, please complete 5 dances sometime today.  If you haven’t got the game, remember you can find some Just Dance videos on YouTube.  The dances we’ve done over the past couple of weeks have been:

We No Speak Americano


Cotton Eye Joe

Old Town Road

See if you can find any more that you really enjoy and remember, keeeeep dancingsmiley