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Thursday 22nd October

Hi Year 6!


Welcome to Thursday's maths - but first, thanks to everyone who emailed me your maths work yesterday for me to look at. It was excellent - you've done very well. Today we are going to look at improper fractions, and how they can be turned into mixed numbers. Here's a teaching video with some teaching from me, and also White Rose. Watch this first:

Year 6 maths: Improper fractions

Now for your work. There is a worksheet below all about improper fractions. Everyone needs to choose to do one complete column from section A, but you can do the whole section if you wish. The other sections, B and C, contain some challenge work which you can have a go at if you would like to. There are also some answers on the second page - and I hope today there are no mistakes on the answers as there were yesterday! Here's the worksheet:

You can email me your work when you've finished, to this address:


You can also use this email address to ask me any questions if you get stuck.


Many thanks for doing this lesson, and good luck!


Mr M.