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Thursday 23rd April

Thursday 23rd April


Hello Year 6!


Today we are going to continue with the objective of substitution in algebra, this time on My Maths. When you log on, be sure to work through the lesson first before having a go at the activity. Here are a few hints about negative numbers to help you:


a) If you multiply a negative number by a positive number, the answer is negative.


Example:        -4 x 8 = -32


b) If you multiply a negative number by another negative number, the answer is positive.


Example:          -3 x -4 = 12


c) If you add a negative number, it's like subtracting.


Example:          5  +  -3 = 2


d) If you subtract a negative number, it's like adding.


Example:          10 -  -3 = 13


When you do the homework activity, please make sure you click on the "Mark it" button on each page after you have answered the questions, otherwise your work doesn't save and I can't see what you have done.


Good luck with your maths today Year 6. Mr M.