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Thursday 14th May

Hi Year 6!


For today's maths lesson, we are going to continue to look at line graphs. Here is a presentation lesson for you to look through first - read carefully:

Line graphs lesson

Now, a worksheet activity today - you can print it, or just use it on screen. There are three pages to the worksheet, and they get harder as you go through. But you only need to do two of them, and you have a choice. Either:


a) start at page 1, and do pages 1 and 2, or


b) start at page 2, and do pages 2 and 3.


Here is the file with the worksheet activities:

Line graph worksheets

Finally, here are the answers to the worksheet activity, so you can check your work:

Line graph answers

We will have one final lesson on line graphs tomorrow before going on to a different topic next week.


Good luck, and thanks for doing this lesson.


Mr M