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Thursday 15th October

Thursday 15th October


Hi Year 5!


Another thank you for all the work you sent me yesterday. You have done really well with the subtraction calculation work. Today we're going to use those subtraction calculation skills to solve some reasoning problems.


As always, we start with a teaching video:

Year 5 maths: subtraction reasoning problems

Now, for your activity today. I've organised things a bit differently today. There are two sets of work, one for Group A and one for Group B. You can find the worksheets below. Print the correct one for your group if you can, and work directly on the sheet. There are two pages of work for each group. You need to read carefully for these questions. Here are the worksheets:

Well done so far, Year 5, and good luck with today's work. As always, you can email me your work to look at. Here's the address:


Thank you for doing this lesson.


Mr M