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Hi everyone, hope you all got on well with your Core learning this morning. Now it is time for our fourth Foundation subject of the week. This week we're going to do some PE, and to be a little more specific some dance!!


Task 1 - The Charleston


Today I'd like you to learn a new dance. This learning is linked with our study of World War II and was a popular dance during that particular period in history.


The dance you are going to learn is called 'The Charleston' and very often makes an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing (for those of you that watch)wink


1) Open the power point and learn about the dance itself.

2) Watch the video of the professionals.

3) Follow the video and use the activity sheet to help you perfect your dance.

4) Complete the question card all about the lesson.


Please email myself or Mr Jones with examples of your dance. Good luck and remember... Keeeeeeeeep Dancing!!!smiley





How to Dance: The Charleston

How to Dance: The Charleston with Kevin Clifton and Karen Hauer.