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Good Morning Year 4 smiley


Well done for completing the work on determiners.


Begin by reading your school reading book or reading for pleasure book out loud to an adult for 15 minutes. Remember to ask your helper to sign your link book.


Thursday 22nd October

L.O: To collect powerful vocabulary, including similes.


Over the next two days, we will be completing some literacy work linked to our history topic, The Romans and in particular our work on Boudicca.

Tomorrow you will have the choice of writing a free verse poem or an acrostic poem describing the appearance and actions of Boudicca but for today you will be focusing upon collecting vocabulary. 


Task 1- Read through Boudicca's story. If you can, do this with an adult so that you can discuss any tricky words or use a dictionary to help you find the meaning of unknown words. 


Task 2- Click on the link to listen to an example of a poem about Boudicca being read aloud to give you some ideas. 


Task 3- Complete the table by recording as many adjectives, expanded noun phrases, similes, verbs and adverbs that you can think of to describe Boudicca. I have recorded a few ideas to get you started. The more you get down today, the easier you will find tomorrows task of writing a poem about Boudicca.


Please take a photograph of your work and email it to me so I can give you any help you need.


My email address is


Thank you,

Mrs Milbourne smiley