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Thursday 5.11.20


Hello Nursery!


Happy Guy Fawkes Night!

 I’m so sorry that we have had to miss our Bonfire Party Day in the Forest today. I was really looking forward to showing you all our Forest Area and having yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows! You can still have a go at some of the activities if you have the resources at home.


Joke of the day!

Here are some Bonfire night jokes!


😁What do you call a duck who likes watching fireworks?

A firequacker.

😁What do you get if you cross a stegosaurus with a firework?


😁What was Guy Fawkes’ favourite meal?

Bangers and mash.


Bonfire Night!


As part of our Bonfire Party Day today, we were planning to make a safe sparkler. If you have the items or similar items at home you could still have a go at making one. Here is a picture of some that we made last year!





First you need to put on your wellies and coat and go outside to look for a twig. A good rule for the ideal size twig is to look for one that is the same size as your arm from the tip of your ‘Toby Tall’ finger to your elbow. It should also be the same thickness as your thumb. That should be just the right size for you!   


Now for the sparkles! If you have any tinsel or lametta, you can use this as the sparkler part. Just use some sticky tape to attach it to one end of your twig. If you do not have tinsel or lametta, you could get creative and look around the house for different things to use. You could try silver foil strips, tissue strips, ribbons or fabric strips.


Let’s get moving!


Once you have made your safe sparkler, you can use it to dance along with the Little Movers!



RAINBOW RIBBON FOLLOW ALONG | KIDS DANCE | Little Movers Prop Dance | Children's Tutorial

What could make dancing even better? How about a Rainbow Ribbon? Yes Please! Beautiful swirling and twirling in the air, shapes and movements everywhere! Jos...

Additional activities:


* Make some hot chocolate with marshmallows for a yummy treat!


* If you fancy doing a little baking today or at the weekend, here is a delicious Gingerbread recipe for you to try!


* You could also try these marshmallow sparklers or fruit kebab rockets!





* Go on a shape hunt around the house. How many squares can you find? How many triangles? How many rectangles or circles? Can you find any other shapes? Do you know what they are called? Maybe you will find a pentagon or a hexagon!



Stay safe tonight and enjoy the fireworks!

Mrs Jones 😊