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Good Morning, Y1

Thursday 21st May

Q: What animal needs to wear a wig? 

winkA bald eagle!



1. Log into Oxford Owl - 

Read a story book. Select age 5-6. Then select All Stars or just enter the book you want to find in the search tab. 

So grey book - Tom Thumb and the Football Team- Questions at the back of the book.

Orange book - A Monster Mistake - Retell the story to your adult and complete the 2 activities.

Blue book - The Lazy Giant - Questions at the back of the book.

Pink book - Everyone Got Wet - There are 2 activities to do. 


2. Go to the phonics Booklet

Open page 24 and 25. We are looking at the ue sound. Say the sounds and match the sounds. Then find the card to match the sound.



3. Log into Education City

We are looking at writing sentences. Stig learns to say the sentence out loud before he writes it down. Listen to Stig tell you what steps you need to take to write great sentences. No writing for this one children just listen.




Have a good day


Mrs Hitchon  

Spellings 13/05/20