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Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 2. I hope you managed to complete your work yesterday even though some of it was a little tricky. Keep practising turning left and right and clockwise and anti-clockwise so that you can do it without thinking about it.


During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


Make sure you have 10 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars and 10 minutes on Hit the Button during the day. The reason I want you to do both is that I would like you to concentrate on the division facts on Hit the Button. 


Today I would like you to complete an activity on Education City. There is a learn screen for you to do where Sten gives Meg directions to move across a grid to collect treasure. It introduces the term right angle turn which means the same as a quarter turn. At the end it asks you to give directions to get from one place to another. You can do it by drawing a grid like Sten’s and playing a game where you have to get to a particular square by following the directions given. Or you can ask your grown up to give you some turning instructions and you see if you can follow them exactly by turning yourself.


Once you have completed the learn screen and had a go at following some turning instructions youself, there is an activity for you to complete.  Remember you can do the activity more than once to improve your score. There is also an activity sheet for you to complete where you have to circle which way Sten needs to turn with his telescope to face particular things.