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Hello Year 6,

Hope you’ve been enjoying this gorgeous weather AND working hard on the English tasks set so far!  cool I think it is about time that you opened one of those packs and set about refreshing your SPAG skills. Today I’d like you to open pack one and complete Set A Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Paper 1 (don’t worry about the spelling test today).This is not to be treated as a test, and remember that you have your glossaries and revision books to help you with any terms that you can’t quite recall.  There is an answer booklet in the pack which you can use to mark the work afterwards. Please don’t be tempted to look at this until all the paper is completed as I would rather you get a question wrong, mark it and learn from your mistakes.


Have you found time for a spot of reading?  I’m currently trying to get back into a book that I started at Christmas and it has been nice walking away from the work and sitting in the garden for 15 mins to get lost in the pages of the book. It’s based in Greece and reminds me of our topic on Ancient Greece (and hopefully the summer holiday I will get later in the year).


Until tomorrow, 

Mrs Beddard smiley



Thought for the day: Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present’. Eleanor Roosevelt