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Day 61-Leach’s Log



Welcome to another day of Home Learning. This week has been all about poems for year 6 and preparing some things for their final week in school.Once again it was quite emotional reading their thoughts about their time at St Michael's and just how much they are going to miss it, but it also made me think about you guys and how our end of Year 5 should have been so different to what it will becrying We've just finished listening to a book called 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'. It was really quite funny and I think some of the children may go and read the other books in the series.

How was your P.E lesson yesterday? Keep working on those skills.yes 



Today’s Literacy tasks are based around the resources at the bottom of the page called 'Certainty'. Don't forget to open the resources before you begin the tasks.


Task 1:Read a poem
• Read Certainty. Read the poem twice: once in your head and once out loud. What did you like about the poem? What did you dislike? What patterns can you find?
• Watch the poem being performed:
• Was it as you expected? What did you notice in the performance?


Task 2: Remind yourself about adverbs of possibility
• Use the PowerPoint on Adverbs of Possibility or if this is not possible then remind yourself using the Revision Cards.
• Complete Adverbs of Possibility Sentences.


Task 3:Now for some writing
• Think about your life in six-month’s time. What possibilities could be there? What can you be sure about? Record your ideas on the Table of Certainty.
• Try turning some of your ideas into a poem. You could use some of the patterns from Matt Abbott’s poem.


New Weekly Tasksenlightened


1. Daily reading: Please make sure you are reading aloud every day. 


2: Spellings: Complete a Look, Cover, Write and Check for your weekly spellings that I posted yesterday.yes


Good luck with today’s learning.smiley


Here are today's clues:







Night Fury




Shooting Star