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Tuesday 7th July


Thought of the day.

"Keep going until you reach your goal!"


Challenge Tuesday!

I think today the challenge will be to wear a hat!- This was Avneet's idea from Year 6




 (A joke to start: Why did the boy take the ladders to school? Because it was High School") laugh by Avneet in Year 6



During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


Task 1

Today we are going to carry on with problem solving questions.

You must go through the example first.

Then you will need you blue maths book and a pencil to do jottings.

The activity is on Education City

It is called Supermarket Sweep!

It is tablet friendly 


Task 2

Today I have found a maths game I think you would like.

It is called Guardians - Defenders of Mathematica

Make sure you read the rules about how to play.

As you go through it, the questions on each topic get harder as you move through the levels.

There are 4 levels for each topic!

Play for 20 minutes.

You can come back to this game tomorrow. 


Good Luck everyone!

See you tomorrowsmiley