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Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Good morning children! We hope you and your families are all keeping well. Here's your work for today.



Practise your spellings from last week and ask your helper to test you on them (ei and eigh words). Practise any you got wrong.


Skills: “ation” and “ous”

Turn to p78 and p79 in your GCP book. Read the information at the top of p78 and work through both pages. Ask an adult to mark your work. Correct any mistakes.


Spellings to learn: Write each spelling out 3 times in your spelling homework book and practise them each day.

Walliams Group: told, another, great, why, cried, keep

All other groups: information, sensation, preparation, admiration, adoration, dangerous, glamorous, humorous, courageous, outrageous


Challenge your helper (optional)

Test your helper on your spellings and mark them. How did they do?



Read aloud either a reading for pleasure book from home or your school reading book to an adult for 15 minutes. Record your reading in your link book and ask your helper to sign.