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Hi everyone, in our Geography this term we will be learning about the planet and some of its physical attributes. I have added a powerpoint at the bottom of the page for you to work through before attempting the task. yes


What do you think is under your feet right now? Could you dig a hole straight through the Earth to the other side? What would you find? Imagine that you are being lowered through the giant sinkhole on slide 3. What would you see?


Task 1

Take a look at the powerpoint-when you get to slide 4, The Underground Explorer, I want you to imagine that you are being lowered down through the hole in the earth. What layers do you think you will see? Have a listen to this link called Underground Explorer. Close your eyes and imagine we are all there:!ApDmNKS3znenjDjjtmh1K0gRIKDA


Sometimes the video on page 7 does not load. I have added a link for it here:


Task 2

Choose ** or *** sheet to help you draw a cross-section of the earth and label each layer. You may find slide 6 quite helpful when doing this activity.


Good luck, Mis  Leach and I hope you enjoy it.