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Tuesday 14th July




Today you will learn about tornados. Look at the first slide, what do you think these vehicles have been given the name Tornado? 

Work through the slides and complete the tasks below. 

How do you think a tornado forms? What causes it to do what it does?

Here is the link to the video on slide 5 (you may need Adobe flash player installed)

Here is the link to the video on slide 6


Task 1

How Do Scientists Compare Tornadoes? Try and sort out the different levels of the EF scale using the Comparing Tornadoes Matching Cards. Look at the language in each descriptive text to work out the greatest impact. At which point on the scale they think the damage would mean that the government might declare a “state of emergency”? What kinds of help would people living in the area need?


Task 2

Using the How to Make a Tornado Craft Instructions, create a model tornado to show how a tornado is formed. First, hold the bottles still - Watch what happens inside the bottle. What did you notice? Now rotate the bottles horizontally - If the bottles are rotated slightly, does the same thing happen? What did you see? (A vortex forming). What does the glitter represent? (Dust and debris collected by a storm). How could we make the vortex spin more quickly? (Rotate the bottles more quickly).

Optional: Complete the Tornado Intercept Vehicles Activity Sheet.


Most importantly, have a fantastic day!

Mr Jones