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Tuesday 2nd June, 2020.

L.O: To notice that light is reflected from surfaces by playing mirror games.

Hi kids.

Today we will continue our Science topic of Light.

In your Science book write the date and L.O.


Task 1: Read through the PowerPoint below, 'Marvellous Mirrors'.

Task 2: As in the PowerPoint, complete the mirror games, 'Mirror Message' and 'Mirror Maze'. Write what you find out on the investigation sheet below. If you can't print it out draw something similar in your Science book please. 

Mirror Games Worksheet ... Choose which sheet you prefer

Task 3: As in the PowerPoint, design your own quiz on the sheet below. If your helper has time, get them to write one for you. Remember to write down your answers on a separate piece of paper so your helper can mark their answers. See who can get the most correct answers!

Quiz Sheet...Choose which sheet you prefer.

Enjoy investigating! As always, we love to see pictures of you conducting your experiments.


Please email your pictures to


Mrs Lloyd