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Tuesday 19th May

Hi Year 6!


Well done for your first piece of work on scatter graphs. Here are the ones you sent to me:

Jaykay 1
Jaykay 2
Jaykay 3
Josh B
Lydia R

Today I'd like you to build on your learning about scatter graphs from yesterday, by constructing another scatter graph, but this time using real data. So, we will return to the data we used a while ago, the premier league table from the end of last season. Here is a video explaining the task:

Points v Goals - a scatter graph

Still image for this video
Here's the league table which contains the data you'll need to construct your scatter graph:

Premier League table

Good luck with your scatter graph; as always I'd be delighted to see them, so if you are able, please email them to me at the usual address:


Thank you for doing this lesson.


Mr M.