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Hi Reception!

Happy Tuesday! 



Tuesday 19.4.20


Here is another fun joke to make you chuckle:

Have you heard the joke about the pizza? Oh, never mind, it's a bit cheesy smiley


Get your body moving!

Sticky Kids- Bend and Stretch.

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We hope you enjoyed looking at ordering yesterday.  Today we would like you to have a go at some addition sums.  Remember to start with the biggest number and jump the correct number of spaces along the number line, the answer is the number you land on!! We have attached a sheet at the bottom of the page with some addition sums up to 20 on.  If you have a printer you can print off the sheet and work out the answers, if you don't have a printer then ask your home helper to write the sums in your homework book for you to work out!


Optional:  Ask your home helper to write you some sums to 30!





   Rml set 1 speed sounds practice

   Rml set 2&3 speed sounds practise



Today we would like you to log on to Oxford Owl and have a go at reading either a ditty, a green book or a pink book.  Remember, the ditties are the easiest, then green books, then pink so you can choose which you think is best, select a different one if it is too easy/hard!  Read the story with your home helper and then ask them to read it back to you when you have  finsihed, then get them to ask you the questions at the back of the book.


We have then set some work on Education city.  Login to see what classwork has been set and go through the work carefully. 


There are some activity sheets on Education City to print off, if you want to!


Optional crafts....

As we have been completing lots of work to do with fish, you may want to have a go at this craft, draw around your hand and add to a stick, you can then add an eye and decorate your fish however you want.





Remember to send in any pictures so we can upload them onto the website!! 


Optional: Play some of the games on these sites:


Additional daily activities:


* Play the 'Fred Talk' game with your helper. Show them how we Fred Talk at school (sounding out words) For example p-a-n, sh-ee-p, f-i-sh, ch-ur-ch, sh-oo-k and g-oo-d?

* Can you teach your helper some set 2 sounds?

* Read a book of your choice with your helper.

* Can you see how many insects you can spot in your garden or on your daily walk?

* Go on a number hunt around the house or on your daily walk. Can you find all the numbers between 0-20?


Keep up the hard work and stay safe! :-)


click on the link below to listen to a story read by Mrs Ward 😀


addition to 20