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We hope you are all safe and well, let's hope the sunshine makes another appearance soon!


Another joke to make you laugh:

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?  A dino-snore!


Tuesday 31.3.20



Today we would like to focus on floating and sinking.  See if you can find some objects around your house and garden and using a bowl of water see if they float or sink and talk about it with your home helper.  One trick, if you have one, is to try an orange with the skin on and then peel it to see which one floats and which one sinks. 


Optional: This is a fun game to play.  It focusses on numbers to 50 so children may need some help!  Have fun together!!



We would like to continue with the frog lifecycle theme.  Hopefully yesterday you had fun finding some facts about the lifecycle of a frog.  We would now like you to have a go at writing some sentences to describe the different stages: First...Next...Then...Finally...  Write the sentences in your homework books please.  Remember you only need to write the sounds that you can hear in each word, this may just be the initial sounds.  


Optional extension:  Write some sentences to describe frogs

                                 Frogs can...

                                 Frogs have...

                                 Frogs are...





Additional daily activities:

* Collect some stones from you garden and paint them, can you paint a ladybird, frog or bumble bee?

* Can you make a leaf/twig bug, frog, caterpillar, fly?

* If the sun is out have a go at some shadow drawing.

* Read a book of your choice with your helper.

* Count in 10's to 100, what is 1 more or less than different numbers?


Keep working hard and stay safe! :-)