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Tuesday 19th May, 2020.

L.O: To investigate which surfaces reflect light.

Hi kids.

Today we will continue our Science topic of Light.

In your Science book write the date and L.O.


Task 1: Log on to Education City and complete the Learn Screen 'Smooth and Shiny'.

Task 2:  Watch this BBC Bitesize clip.

Task 3: Your job today is to design a reflective bag for the Brilliant Bag Company. But first you need to test some materials. If you can, print out the test sheet below and stick it in your book. If you can't print, could you draw something similar in your book? Make a reflection tester (see diagram below) and test six materials to see how reflective they are. Shine your reflection tester at the material to see how much light is reflected back. Then rank them on your table from most reflective to least. You will use the most reflective material to design your bag, think about which would make it better to see someone at night.

Print out the design sheet and design your bag remembering to label it clearly. If you can't print you can simply draw your design below your table.





How to make a reflection tester

Testing Sheet ... only complete 1 of the 3 sheets!

Enjoy investigating! As always, we love to see your finished work.

Mrs Lloyd.