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Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st April


Hi Year 6!


Well done for having such a good go at the maths yesterday; I was really pleased to see so many of you logged in and had a go.


For today's task, we will stick to the learning objective of writing algebraic expression and equations to match rules and problems. Because we're doing the same learning objective, I haven't done a new video today.


The work today is on the My Maths site. When you log in, you will be offered the chance to do a lesson first, before doing the homework. Please make sure that you do work through the lesson first; it will really help you, and the work on this site is a little bit harder than yesterday.


IMPORTANT: when you work through the lesson on My Maths, don't click through the numbers down either side - these are chapters in the lesson, and if you do that, you'll miss a lot of the learning. Before you click through the numbers, always check to see if there is a "next" button in the bottom corner, and work through all the learning in that chapter before you move on. Here's a screenshot to show you what I mean:

Good luck with your maths today!


Mr M