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Hi everyone J

As you are aware, we started looking at the causes for World War 2 last week. This week I would like us to carry on with this work and try to find out about the causes (there is more than one), in more detail, for the start of the war. I have attached a slideshow with some information sheets at the bottom of the page that give you more detail about ‘The Treaty of Versailles’, the ‘Economic Depression’, ‘Hitler becoming Chancellor’, the fall of the ‘League of Nations’ and about German troops reoccupying the Rhineland. It might sound a little confusing at this point but once you have read the information sheets it should become more clear.


Once you have found all the causes, you need to write a short paragraph about each cause. You could do this by setting it out like this-


The Treaty of Versailles: This listed punishments that the German leaders were forced to sign (you would need to write a little more to finish this off).


Then, rank them in order of importance for causing the outbreak of war.  (1= most important, 6 = least important).


Extra Challenge (optional):

Make an information booklet/sheet about why World War 2 started, remember to include some drawings or pictures.