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Good Morning Year 1! Today we are going to do some work on finding half of a quantity.

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Here's a joke to start the day.

What did one toilet say to the other?

You look a bit flushed!


Here are today's tasks.

1.  Log in to Times Tables Rockstars and play 3 games in Garage.  Your log in details are on the letter inside your blue maths work book.


2. Today I would like you to log in to Education city.  There is an activity to complete in classwork.  It is about halving a number.


3. (Optional) At the bottom of the page is a worksheet to practice halving amounts.  You might want to use the frog pictures to help you.


If you have any problems, please email me.


Keep up the brilliant work and stay safe! laugh

Mrs Birch