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Tuesday 3rd November 2020

 Good morning Year 1, here is your English work for today.

Task 1

Please read the ditty or book that your group is reading.  The texts are attached below.  Try to sound out the words by yourself.

Apricots (Mrs Smith's group)- yellow book Lost

Apricots- The greedy green gremlin pink book 7

Blueberries- Scruffy Ted pink book 1 or Blueberries ditty

Cranberries (Mrs Smith's group)- cranberries ditty

Task 2

Then complete the hold a sentence activity.  The sentence you need is on the bottom of the text you have read.  Ask a grown up to say the sentence out loud to you.  Repeat the sentence several times until you remember it.  Write it down, remembering to use finger spaces, capital letter, full stops and use your sounds to help you spell the words.

Task 3

Handwriting: practice forming i  and j correctly, using the handwriting sheet provided.


Good luck!

Mrs Birch

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