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Tuesday 3rd November

Good morning Year 6!


Welcome to our last online lesson for now - we will all I hope be back in the classroom together tomorrow. Today we are going to learn about comparing and ordering fractions. Today's teaching video is from White Rose, because I have run a bit short of time to do one myself for you this time. However, I am planning to do a bit of live teaching for you on Zoom this morning, at 10am. If you want to join in the Zoom lesson, ask your parents - I have given them the login codes for the meeting. Here is the White Rose teaching video:

Year 6 maths: Compare and ordering fractions

Your activity sheet today has 3 pages. I'd like everyone to get as far as question 14, and some of you I know will go further and complete all three pages. Here is the worksheet:

You can email me your work to the usual email address, or use the same link as yesterday; here it is again:


Good luck, thanks for doing this lesson, and I look forward to seeing you all back in the classroom safe and sound tomorrow.


Mr M