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Good Morning Year 1

Tuesday 19th May

Let us start with a joke

Q:  Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Empire State Building? 

Of course!  The Empire State Building can’t jump!wink



1. Log onto Education City.

I have set you a comprehension task. Read the story and then answer the questions.

The second sheet is an information sheet about animals you could see in the park. Here are the questions I would like you to answer on a piece of paper or in the back of your red book.

a. When do robins sing?

b. What colour are ladybirds?

c. Do hedgehogs have good sight?

d. What is a badger's home called?

e.There are 2 adjectives describing a frog's tongue. What are they?

f. What do moles eat?


Oxford Owl - log on

1. Go to the book you started yesterday. Turn to page 4 and 5 and say your phonics, then page 6 and page 8. Then read the book. Find a sentence in your book and count how many words there are in that sentence. Once you have said the sentence out loud many times close your book and write the sentence down in the back of your red book . Don't forget to write today's date and LO.

Tuesday 19th May

LO: To be able to hold a sentence in my head.



3. Look at your spellings from last week. Write them down 3 times on a piece of paper or your red book. Use the look, cover, write, check method.


Go to the Topmarks website - follow the link below. Play the  Little Bird Spelling game and practice your common exception words.

Have a good day.


Mrs Hitchon