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Tuesday 5th May

Hi Year 6!


Today we are going to continue to look at grouped data, but this time we are going to practise using an on-line tool to construct group-data bar charts. For today, you are going to copy a bar chart that I have already done, by watching a couple of videos, then having a go yourself. So today is what we call a familiarisation activity; you're getting to know how to use the on-line tools.


Watch the these two videos carefully first:

Grouping data

Still image for this video

Drawing a grouped data bar chart

Still image for this video
Now you are going to have a go at drawing the same bar chart that I constructed in the videos. First of all, here is the data you need:
Picture 1

Here is the link to the website with the tools you need to draw the bar chart.


You can send me your finished bar chart to my usual email address:


Tomorrow I will be giving you a new set of data, and seeing if you can construct a grouped bar chart without the help I've given you today.


Thank you for doing this lesson, and good luck!

Mr M.