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Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Year 2. I hope you enjoyed the work on movement yesterday and were able to tell your left from your right. Today we are going to consolidate this work by revisiting left and right and thinking about the terms clockwise and anti-clockwise.


During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


Make sure you have 10 minutes on Times Tables Rockstars and 10 minutes on Hit the Button during the day. The reason I want you to do both is that I would like you to concentrate on the division facts on Hit the Button. 


Today there is a different power point for you to work through. As well as remembering left and right, you will also need to think about the terms clockwise and ant-clockwise. Clockwise is turning right following the direction of the hands on the clock and anti-clockwise is turning left and going the opposite way to the hands on the clock. Once you have worked through the power point there is an activity sheet for you to complete where you have to write the instructions to get from one set place to different shops in the city. The answers are on the second sheet so don’t look at that until after you have completed your work.


I have left the youtube song about left and right at the bottom of the page as a fun way of reminding you which is your left hand and which is your right hand.

Left and Right Song