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Tuesday 2nd June, 2020

Good morning everyone.


Your tasks for today are…


1) Log on to Education City and listen to the clip called Writing Poetry.


It tells you that there are lots of different types of poems.


Once you have listened to the clip, you need to write your own poem in your red book.

Use the clip from Education City to help you write your poem about travelling to different habitats around the world and seeing different animals. Set out your work like this…

I Went


I went to the _______________.

And what did I see?

_______________________ me.



Try to use lots of different adjectives and verbs in your poem. Write at least 3 verses in your poem. 



2) Read for at least 10 minutes to an adult. You can read a reading for pleasure book or a book from the eBook library.


3) Once you have read for at least 10 minutes from your reading book, answer the following into your red book.

  • Find and copy two adjectives from the book that you have just read.
  • Find and copy a conjunction from the book.
  • Find and copy two verbs from the book.


I hope you all have a great day.

Mrs Moore