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  Tuesday 31st March

How are you this morning Year 3?

(A joke to start: Why are fish so smart??  Because they live in schools!) 




 Year 3 vs Year 4 Battle of the Bands

The Battle continues on till Thursday 8pm.  Keep battling Year 3, you are doing brilliantly, we are in the lead.  A special mention to Alfie S, Ethan S, Jack W, Charlie G and Samuel S for their fabulous efforts so far.


During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;

- In your CGP Maths book complete page 18 (Mental Addition) and page 19 (Mental Subtraction)


More practice telling the time? 

You can still find the Powerpoint about telling the time on Monday's page if you need a reminder.  Keep telling your family the time throughout the day.  Focus in times that are on the past side of the clock today. 



Shape of the week.





Thought of the day.

Listen to everyone and learn from everyone, because nobody knows everything but everybody knows something.


Maths games

Here are some online Maths games you might like to try. (Optional)