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Week Seven – Day Two – Tuesday 19th May


Good morning Year Six,

I hope that you are all well. Thank you to those that completed revision tasks on Education city. There are many children that have no work registered from yesterday which is unusual so if anyone did have trouble, please contact me and I will see if I can help. There are approximately 15 revision tasks for every child. You can access these at any time and they will help you to prepare for secondary school too.


Today’s learning tasks are:

  1. Spellings – complete column two.
  2. Reading – minimum of ten minutes please. It was nice to read the short stories submitted and I could tell those that were influenced by books read.
  3. This is a different type of task and it requires you accessing the link below. It seems that during lockdown, many adults have become virtual quiz fans so I thought that it was time for you to try some quizzes too. The link will direct you to many different book quizzes and you can access whichever and as many as you like.


I’d be interested to know if you enjoy the quizzes.

Good luck.

Mrs B