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Day 8—Leach’s Log


"To infinity and beyond!"


Morning space rangers, how many of you managed to guess yesterday's guest reader? Well I've got another one for you today so listen carefully. School was quiet yesterday, but we still managed to get some fab activities in. How many of you listened to David Walliams? If you haven't been listening click on the link in the whole school learning icon and listen today. By the way I've only had one recommendation for our next year group reader, so don't forget to let me


Today’s Literacy task is once again based around the resource pack that I attached yesterday, so make sure you go back to yesterday and open the resources before you check your tasks.


Task One: 

 Re-read the Butterflies story then write a paragraph about what might happen next in the story. What will the girl do about all the butterflies? Complete this task in your red books please.yes


Task Two: 

Can you find out about the ‘Mount of Butterflies’? Use a web search then make a poster about what you find out about the mountain and about monarch butterflies.


Optional Task:

Can you use the butterfly template to make your own spectacular butterfly design? Maybe display it in your window alongside your rainbow and funny face to spread a bit of cheer around your neighbourhood.smiley


Good luck with today’s learning and don’t forget:


"UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."


Dr Seuss - The Lorax

Street Child Chapter 20 - Guest Reader