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Well done for working so hard, you are all doing amazingly well. We are so proud of you!


Have you all been keeping fit with Oti Mabuse?  She is doing live dance classes from her living room every morning at 11:30 am. Have a go, it is really good fun!



Here is a another joke to make you laugh:

What did the frog tell everyone that came into the library about his favourite book? 

Read it, read it, read it!

Wednesday 1st April

Science Experiment


Are you ready to do a science experiment that seems like magic? We are going to stick to the theme of water.

Your mission is ...if you choose to accept it is to see if you can keep kitchen roll dry under water?


You will need for the experiment:-

A container of water

A drinking glass

 Kitchen roll.

See how it is done on the website below.


Ask your child what they think will happen when the kitchen roll goes into water? Ask them then what will happen when we put a dry piece of kitchen roll inside the glass- let them try both.


Tip for the helper: Make sure the paper is scrunched so it won't fall out of the glass upside down.


Can you record your child's predictions in their Homework Book?


Here are some links you may find useful, they have some fun games and stories on:



Keep working hard!


Remember to keep trying some of these additional daily activities:

* Read a story.

* Do some counting, see how high you can count!

* Draw a picture and use your best colouring to colour it in!