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Wednesday 1st April

Hope you enjoyed wearing odd socks yesterday. We will do another Challenge Tuesday next week!

It is April fools day today! Try and play an April fool on someone in your house. wink

 (A joke to start: Why did the kid throw the clock out of the window? Because he wanted to see time fly!) 



During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;


DRUM ROLL............................

I have been tracking the competition again today!.

It is very close but we are still LOSING to Year 3...Boo hoo!

They have 23,032 and we have 17,856.

HOWEVER, we can pull this back and still win but we have to work as a team. There are still some children that have not yet  played. You can do this!! LETS DO IT!!!!

Remember the competition is running until 8pm Thursday. 

The top 5 contributors from Tuesday are.......

DRUM ROLL.......Jacob P, Chase, Milan, Charlotte and Oliver J

This information was taken at 7pm Tuesday


 Good Luck Year 4! I will be cheering you on!  



Today's work is calculation practice

We  need to make sure you are keeping your calculation skills in tip top shape!

Remember accuracy is very important and now we need to build in speed.

I have set you 25 questions and I would like you complete these in 25 minutes.

It is  very important you go back and CHECK your work!!!!

Complete the work in your blue maths book and make sure you do jottings. 

Remember one number in one square!

I will post the answers for you on Thursday!

The questions are at the bottom of this page.

Gook Luck!!


Throughout this week could you also practice telling the time (Keep doing this)


In Year 4, the children have to learn to tell the time using the 24 hour clock. Practice telling the time little and often this week using a analogue, digital and 24 hour clock.  Before you know it you will be fantastic at doing this!

Using a real clock and real time helps the children understand more as they are able to link times to real life. However, there are lots of free interactive clocks you can use on the internet if you need to.



Shape of the week.

We have been learning about triangles and quadrilaterals in Year 4.

In your blue maths books, draw 4 trapeziums. Remember a trapezium only has one set of parallel lines that are different lengths.


Thought of the day.

"Behind every great kid is a great parent"


Maths games

Here are some online Maths games you might like to try. (Optional)

Calculation Sheet 1