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Wednesday 25th March 2020


Happy Wednesday!

I hope you managed to be successful with yesterday's work. Make sure you mark your work with your grown-up before you continue.


Fancy another joke? 

What do you call a number that can’t stay in one place?

A Roamin’ numeral. laughlaughlaugh


Again today you have 10 games in TT Rockstars to complete. I know the system might seem a little slow at times but I think it's because so many children are using it at the same time. Just persevere and you will get through.


Today I'd like you to continue with fractions. Please complete the equivalent fractions questions on page 28. Remember the rule! Whatever you do to the top, you...


Remember to keep working on time- by the end of year 5 you need to be able to work out problems like this one:

I am 48 years, 48 weeks, 48 days and 48 hours old. How old am I?


I hope you are all ok and managing to complete your tasks. Have fun!