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Wednesday 29th April


Hello Year 6,


Today we are going to do some follow-up writing from the learning you did last week in R.E. I realise you haven't got your R.E. books at home, so you could just use paper, or I'm sure Mrs Beddard wouldn't mind if you were to use your writing exercise book. Because it's a follow-up from last week, I've left all of the content from last week's lesson here on this page, so you can refer to parts of it again if this will help you.


The task is to write a report, explaining why Christians believe in the Resurrection, and why it's so important to them. As this is a piece of written work, you can write the date just as you would at school, and here is a learning objective for you to copy:


L.O. To understand some ways in which Christians interpret the Resurrection stories, showing awareness of the importance of the Christian belief in Resurrection.


Here are some ideas for structuring your work with some paragraphs:


1. Explain about the evidence that Jesus was crucified

2. Talk about the empty tomb and this was found by women. In that time and culture, the evidence of women would be worth far less than that of men - so why did the gospel writers include this?


3. The witnesses saw Jesus after resurrection - how did this affect their mood and belief?


4. Some people who were opposed to the Christians, such as Paul, became Christians themselves.


5. Christians believe that Jesus is God, and God cannot die. If the Resurrection is not true, where does this leave the Christian faith.


Please remember that you are not trying to express your own views in this writing - that's for another time and another lesson. It's not an easy piece of writing, so you may well want to review some of the material below before you start to write. If you want to take a picture of your work and email it to me, I'd be really pleased to see what you've achieved. Good luck, and thanks for doing this lesson.


Mr M.

Lesson from last Wednesday


Hello Year 6!


Today we're going to start an R.E. topic that you would have done in the last few week before the Easter holidays, if school had stayed open. It's a Christian-based topic, all about Easter itself. In particular, we'll be thinking about the central theme of Easter, which is Jesus coming back to life three days after he was put to death on the cross. Christians call this the Resurrection, and it's just about the most important idea in the Christian faith, so it's really important that you should improve your understanding of it. I say improve, because not all Christians agree about the Resurrection. In fact, they started to argue about it right from the beginning!


To start with, we need some evidence about the Resurrection, and we'll begin with some of the things that the Bible has to say about it. So, click on the PDF file below, and read some of what the Bible says happened at the time of the Resurrection, and also what happened afterwards.

The Resurrection narrative from St Luke

If you're able to print off the Bible text, you could highlight the parts of the text which you think Christians might use as evidence of the Resurrection. If not, just think about it or make some notes.


Next, there are two videos to watch. They're only a few minutes each, but they are important, because they have some Christians explaining what they believe about the Resurrection and why. Remember, this lesson isn't about telling you what to think and believe; that's entirely up to you of course, but it is important to understand how Christians think about this topic. Here are the videos:

Christian views about the Resurrection: video 1

Still image for this video

Christian views about the Resurrection: video 2

Still image for this video
I hope that the videos helped you to think carefully about this difficult topic. Last thing for this week's lesson. It's another video to watch, but this one is a little bit different. It's a children's choir singing an Easter hymn, all about the importance of Jesus's death and Resurrection. The words are shown in the subtitles; watch and read, and see if this can help you to understand why Christians attach so much importance to the events of the Easter story.

The choir Libera sing: There is a green hill far away

Still image for this video

Next week for R.E. I'll ask you do some writing based on what you've learned this week.


Thanks for doing this lesson! Mr M.