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Welcome back to DT, as we are still on home learning we thought it might be nice to do some cooking at home, so this half term we would like you to design and make some biscuits.  You can design and make the biscuits for yourself or we would like you to choose someone from your family to make them for, maybe your dad for 'Father's Day!'


Before we can think about our own designs we thought it might be good to have a look at some existing biscuits or think about biscuits we like to eat.


Now, if you managed to get some biscuits we would like you to go and get some to complete a taste test.  If you don't have biscuits you could use some biscuit chocolate bars or if you don't have these you will need to complete the taste test as best as you can from previous experience of tasting them.


We would like you to open the sheet attached at the bottom of the page and complete it for the biscuits you have or have eaten before. Which is your favourite?  What did you like so you can use this in your own design?


If you are unable to print off the sheet then you can complete the work in your topic book.  You don't have to complete it for all areas of on the sheet, maybe just for 3 or 4 biscuits.


Have fun and remember to send some pictures to add to the website!!





Biscuit tasting sheet